Drop Over Cable Protectors ES-B24

Drop Over Cable Protectors ES-B24


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  • Indoor Cable Cover, ideal for cables, wires, pipe or small hoses
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • 2 channel
  • Dimensions: 960mm (L) x 430mm (W) x 80mm (H)



What is the purpose of the Cable Cover?

Protection of electrical cables in the workplace is a major concern, and that’s why the cable cover was developed. On an average day, many people traffic over cables without even giving it a second thought. However, if these cables were exposed, they could cause serious health hazards, both to the people passing over them and the building in general. Cable covers provide a safe and affordable way to keep cables secured and safe from fraying due to excessive traffic. They also present a very visual warning to people to be careful when walking around the cables so as not to trip themselves up.

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